(left to right) Dr. Phil Kreth, Dr. Mark Gragston, Dr. John Schmisseur, Dr. Ryan Bond

(left to right) Top row: Matthew Schwartz, James Chism, Stefen Lindörfer, Theron Price, Kevin Holst
Bottom row: Nicole Nutter, Lara Lash, Kate Stamper, Autumn Douthitt

(left to right) Ray Knowis, Kirk Davenport
Not pictured: Kaycee Edwards

(left to right) Top row: Daniel Allen, Zach McDaniel
Bottom row: Harold LaCroix, Shelby Ledbetter

(left to right) Brian Kocher, Adam Harris

(left to right) Top row: Liece Tessman, Bobby Gustafson
Bottom row: James Chism, Gabrielle Witt

(left to right) Top row: Kate Stamper, Kelsey Krause, Lauren Lester, Autumn Douthitt, Andrea Vancil
Bottom row: Matthew Schwartz, Sam Golter, Patrick Miga, Slade Spry, Richard Nelson

(left to right) Jared Pyron, Gillian McGlothin, Camille Bergin, Patrick Miga

Emily Beckman