Mach 7 Ludwieg Tube

The Mach 7  Ludwieg tube has a design similar to the Mach 4 Ludwieg tube, though with active heating of the gas in the driver tube to prevent liquefaction. The driver tube air can be heated to a temperature of 550 °F (560 K) and pressurized to an initial pressure of 150 psi.  The facility is equipped with a planar nozzle with 18″ x 18″exit dimensions, which was machined at UTSI. The tunnel was first tested in February of 2021, and Mach 7 flow was achieved. A free jet test-section is used temporarily until the final test-section is machined. Also, the facility currently operates with a dual metallic diaphragm configuration, which will eventually be replaced by a fast-acting valve.