Ballistics Projects

Ballistics is the study of projectiles in unpowered flight. This field of study is of interest to the aerospace and defense community, and diagnostic techniques used in aerospace research can be applied to a number of operational issues. Due to ballistic experiments being difficult to conduct in non-dedicated laboratory spaces, they require diagnostic capabilities that can be deployed in the field. All of our ballistic imaging is conducted with a portable shadowgraph setup that allows us to take quantifiable high-speed video outside of the lab. This research focuses on refining both the aerodynamic knowledge and diagnostic capabilities of ballistic study.

Schematic of the shadowgraph setup used to collect the ballistics flow visualizations. An LED is focused on a rod mirror attached to the lens of a high-speed camera, which directs the light to a retroreflective screen, then back to the camera.

Photograph of the high-speed shadowgraph setup at an outdoor firing range.

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